July 12, 2019

Norton.com/nu16 – Norton NU16 Download | Norton Utilities 16

Norton Utilities 16 helps your computer to improve its speed and performance by optimizing, defragmenting, and managing your computer. It is compulsory to have an activation code to get the Norton NU16 setup at norton.com/nu16. You can download and install the Norton Utilities 16 through the compact disk or online.

Steps to  Download Norton NU16 Setup

You can download Norton NU16 setup by using the compact disk or visiting Norton official website. In case you want to get Norton Utilities 16 software, then go through the steps listed below:

•    First, click on the address bar and enter www.norton.com/nu16.

•    Once you have completed the procedure as mentioned above, sign in to your account registered with Norton.

•    For completing this procedure, press on the login button.

•    Make sure that you are a registered user of Norton while clicking on the login button.

•    Open the Order History menu.

•    The menu list of all the subscribed Norton product will appear on the screen

•    Find the Norton NU16 option.

•    Press on the order details.

•    Keep the Norton NU16 activation code in the notepad or somewhere else.

•    Press on the Download option.

•    It will open the Download Manager window.

•    Press on the link to begin the Norton NU16 setup download procedure.

Steps to Install Norton NU16 Setup

Go through the guidelines mentioned below and start installing the Norton NU16 setup on your system:

•    First, click on the folder where you have saved the downloaded Norton NU16 setup.

•    Choose the Norton NU16 setup by double-clicking on it.

•    Press on the Next option.

•    Go through the guidelines to complete the Norton NU16 installation procedure.

•    The installation process will take some time to finish the installation process.

•    Let the Norton NU16 finish the installation procedure.

•    Once you have followed all the steps for installation, press on the Finish option.

Steps to Activate Norton NU16 Setup

Once you have followed the last step, the installation procedure of Norton NU16 setup is completed on your system. By going through the steps by steps process which is listed below, you can activate the Norton NU16 setup to the system:

•    First, open the Norton NU16 user interface on your system.

•    Otherwise, click norton.com/nu16.

•    Press on the Norton NU16 activates option after opening the console on your system.

•    Choose the Activate Now option, which is provided on the main menu.

•    Now, the activation window gets open on your display.

•    You will get the form on your activation window where you have to type all the compulsory details.

•    Make sure that all the details you have entered are right.

•    Enter the Norton NU16 activation code.

•    Press on the Activate Now option.

•    Read the guidelines carefully to finish the activation procedure.

Steps to Access Norton NU16 Setup

•    Firstly, click on the Start menu.

•    Or, tap on the Windows button given on your computer keyboard.

•    Click on the All Programs button.

•    Place the mouse cursor over the Norton Utilities 16.

•    Select the Norton Utilities 16 option by clicking on the pop-up menu.

•    Moreover, search for the Norton NU16 icon by clicking on the toolbar.

•    Double-click on the Norton NU16 icon

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