Best Android Apps to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages

To err is human. Anyone can make the mistake of deleting WhatsApp messages. Have you ever deleted your WhatsApp messages unknowingly and tried to recover them but remained unsuccessful in doing so? If your answer to the question is “Yes”, There is no need to worry! You can now recover the deleted WhatsApp messages in the blink of an eye. If you ever deleted your WhatsApp messages unknowingly, you can recover those deleted WhatsApp messages easily. The list has brought you some of the best apps that make it possible for you to recover the deleted WhatsApp messages. Let’s check these apps out.

Restory – Reveal Deleted Messages

Restory is a fab Android app with the feature to view the deleted WhatsApp messages. If someone sends you a message and suddenly deletes it so that you won’t see it, you can take the help of this great app to see the deleted message on WhatsApp. If someone deletes chat, the app will send you notifications and will display all the chat. The great thing about this app is, it recovers not just messages but videos, photos, audio files, and other documents too. If you ever lose your pictures and videos, there is no need to worry about them. Restory can help you get them back. If you are looking for an app to recover the deleted WhatsApp messages, videos, and pictures, you must try out Restory.


If you have lost hope of getting your messages back and are struggling hard to find an app that lets you recover the deleted messages on WhatsApp, you should look no further than WhatsRemoved+. If you ever lose pictures, videos, audio files, and any other relevant documents, you can try out this great app to recover all of your stuff in the blink of an eye. The feature to read the deleted WhatsApp messages makes it stand out from other apps.

WA Recovery: Deleted Whats Messages

Now is the time to have a look at WA Recovery. WA recovery is one of the best Android apps. It lets you recover the deleted messages in just a single click. Yes, you read it right! You won’t find a better app than this one on Google Play Store. If you ever mistakenly deleted a special chat with your beloved one and want to recover it in order to read it and remember the old memories, WA Recovery may be of great help to you in this case. It helps you recover not just deleted messages on WhatsApp but photos, videos, and other media files too.

View deleted messages & photo recovery

With the help of this brilliant app, you can easily recover the deleted messages on WhatsApp, photos and other files. The app has been developed by UniQ software. You can download it for free on Google Play Store. If you are looking for an app to recover the deleted messages and photos on WhatsApp, go for it.

The purpose of the list was to make you familiar with the best Android apps that may help you recover the deleted messages and other media files on WhatsApp.

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