Top 6 Apps for Reducing Distractions on Mac

Reducing Distractions on Mac

Distractions don’t let us stay focused on one task. But you can fight distractions through multiple ways – by doing meditation, using management, and even software programs. The best Mac apps for beating distractions are given below.

Check out these six Mac apps to reduce distractions:

1. Focus

Online stores, messengers, and social media platforms are the main things that divert our mind from time to time. If you block them through Focus, you are likely to concentrate appropriately on your dedicated task. You can easily block social media websites as well as various other websites for 10-minutes using Focus. It allows you to add apps that distract you, remove the links, and set the schedules accordingly. Once you make the changes, the selected websites will block and show you inspirational quotes whenever you try to access them.

2. Noizio

If you get distracted by noise, the Noizio app is the perfect solution for you. It comes with plenty of ambient sounds that you can listen when you don’t want to hear a particular noise. You will get the sound of calming rain, chirping birds and more in this Mac app. There is an option to adjust the volume of each sound according to the choice as well. So, either focus on a particular task or relax entirely with the use of Noizio.

3. Focused

Focused is especially for those who are involved in writing. It provides you only a sheet of paper to write and stops you from going tabs to tabs in your browser. This app is best for you if writing is your profession or a hobby. You can format your writing through Markdown syntax; hence there is no space for even controls and toggles to capture your attention. When you are done, export the written sheet as an HTML, PDF, or RTF file.

4. HazeOver

When multiple windows are open in your Mac, all of them are distracting you. HazeOver dims the windows that you are not using and highlights only the one that is active to enhance productivity. To not put much pressure on your eye, it allows you even to adjust the intensity of the dimmed background and color. You will work correctly in the night time by changing the settings accordingly. Also, if you are using multiple monitors, it is possible to keep the focus on a particular screen on all the monitors.

5. Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey is another excellent app for blocking the websites that distract you. It works the same as Focus. Its premium version lets you block almost everything on the internet including Google searches, particular URLs, and more. If you have to attend any meeting or other events that don’t involve your Mac at all, you can lock yourself from using it for the dedicated time. This app features plenty of other great tools for keeping your focus on your tasks.

6. Be Focused

Working on a particular project for a long time can be difficult, but it is not that hard to work for straight 25 minutes. You can try the Pomodoro Technique, which breaks your work process into 25-minute slots, for focusing on any task. Be Focused is an ideal app that helps you implement this technique while working. It features a timer that runs in your menu bar. You need to type in the task name and click the dedicated button to get started with your work.

This app will let you know when it will be time to take a break, and then to get back to work. There is an option to adjust the number and duration of your breaks and intervals in this app. Its free version is pretty good, but the Pro version is best as it doesn’t have ads and even sync ideally with your devices.


It is necessary to stay focused on any task that you are doing on your Mac. Though, several apps and websites don’t let you focus entirely on the work that you are doing. Choose an ideal app from the above-given list and complete your particular task faster than ever. Paul Stamley is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at

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